Permutate Lex

DIRECTED BY: Brenna Murphy

Permutate Lex is an abstract representation of a distant future where all languages that once existed have dissolved into a single synthesized communication stream. The video's various, virtually vibrant scenes represent hallucinatory glimpses of post-human beings and environments of this future. These beings’ speech and actions trigger odd but uncertain familiarity from our present vantage point, existing more as untethered, non-linear science fiction. Visible Cloaks' score is a collage of disembodied shards of their recent album Reassemblage and other unreleased pieces that take form in the forthcoming release, Lex.


Visible Cloaks - Terrazzo (Ft. Motion Graphics)

DIRECTED BY: Brenna Murphy

Terrazo expresses itself in silky, reed-like harmonies that provide the song's melancholy focal point. All around them, the duo’ ...


Visible Cloaks - Neume

DIRECTED BY: Brenna Murphy

A neume is an early form of musical notation, predating the five-line staff notation that’s prevalent in Western music and notab ...


Visible Cloaks & dip in the pool - Valve

DIRECTED BY: Brenna Murphy

Valve is an interactive digital environment by Brenna Murphy with music by Visible Cloaks, built around a spoken word track from M ...


Moth To A Flame

DIRECTED BY: Daniel Kruglikov

Sean Lennon has been outspoken about the bleak future of the planet with his Artists Against Fracking campaign, but it's no match ...


I Will Be Seven

DIRECTED BY: Stephan Crasneanscki

Killer Road is a sound exploration of the tragic death of Nico, Velvet Underground vocalist and 60s icon, while riding her bike on ...

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