Daniel Kruglikov, Brooklyn, Mar 22nd 2017

My friend Julia Ducournau's film 'Raw' just came out in theaters. When I first saw it, at last year's Toronto Film Festival I thought it was one of the grossest films I've ever seen. It's a well-executed but very kitschy horror movie about a innocent young vegetarian girl who gets sent away to veterinary school where she eats meat for the first time and discovers her true cannibal nature. The film is wild and definitely unexpected. Most of the films coming out today feel like they all resemble one another, but this one is truly something different. Love it or hate it, more films like this need to get made- films that stand out and have their own very unique vision.


CinemaCon's Director Of The Year

Christian Machens, Munich (Maxvorstadt), Mar 22nd 2017

Jordan Peele, the writer and director of “Get Out” will receive the CinemaCon Director of the Year award. Peele will be presented with the ...



Christian Machens, Munich (Maxvorstadt), Mar 21st 2017

Me and one of my actors at a photoshoot for a commercial of mine. The working title is "Payback". The idea is to show what fishes would do if ...


New Directors/New Films 2017

Daniel Kruglikov, Brooklyn, Mar 21st 2017

The annual MOMA-sponsored film festival has just started in NYC, introducing the public to the works of emerging filmmakers around the world. In the pa ...


Regensburg Short Film Week

Christian Machens, Munich (Maxvorstadt), Mar 20th 2017

The Regensburg Short Film Week (ending in 2 days) is an annual meeting place for representatives from national and international short film festivals. ...


Andrei Rublev

Daniel Kruglikov, Brooklyn, Mar 20th 2017

One of my favorite films of all time is Andrei Tarkovsky's poetic masterpiece about a 15th century Russian ikon painter 'Andrei Rublev'. I can talk abo ...


Cinéma du Réel

Christian Machens, Munich (Maxvorstadt), Mar 18th 2017

In 1 week from now the 39th edition of the Cinéma du Réel ( Cinema of the Real ) will take place im Paris. It is an international documen ...

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