Natural History Museum "Mummies"

Cici Ogden, New York, Mar 21st 2017

The Natural History Museum opened a new exhibition this week entitled "Mummies." The exhibit features mummies from both ancient Egypt and ancient Peru, and analyzes the mummies from three angles. First, it looks at who the mummified people were in life. Second, it looks at why they were mummified. And third, it shows how modern technology continues to teach scientists new things about mummies. The show will run through January 2018, and tickets can be purchased at the museum or at


Hope , Cape Town

marit costantini, Villa Devoto, Mar 20th 2017

A day of sharing and love. A better world must be possible. What will you do to make that possible?


Art night with Tommy Hilfiger

Michael Glovaski, Miami-Dade, Mar 17th 2017

The American clothing mogul purchased the Raleigh Hotel in Miami's South Beach. He has turned The Raleigh into center for the arts and fashion.


NYC in snow

Daniel Kruglikov, Carteret, Mar 15th 2017

Coming back to NYC very late last night/early this morning after SXSW with the city covered in snow.


The Hemingway House

Cici Ogden, Monroe, Mar 15th 2017

While on vacation in Key West, I paid a visit to the home of writer Earnest Hemingway. Constructed in the late 1890's, the estate is still the largest ...


American Fine Arts Society Gallery

Cici Ogden, New York, Mar 14th 2017

Located at 215 West 52nd Street, this lovely graffiti adorns is the outside of the American Fine Arts Society Gallery. Built in 1891, the building has ...


New York Antiquarian Book Fair

Cici Ogden, New York, Mar 10th 2017

Today begins the 2017 New York Antiquarian Book Fair. From March 9th to March 12th, the rooms above the Park Avenue Armory will host over 200 exhibitio ...

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