AI Kanye West

Francesca Altamura, New York, Mar 20th 2017

Cybernetic relationships have changed. We now prioritize the intelligent, autonomous, and communicative object over the human actor who is increasingly relinquishing their agency with the invention of every device. Even the intuitive art of rapping can be outsourced to a machine, courtesy of 17-year old genius, Robbie Barrat. While it may not be anywhere near a punch-line king, this AI bot has machine-learned from over 6,000 Kanye West lyrics, and can now freestyle its own original verses.


Holoplot At SXSW

Christian Machens, Allershausen, Mar 17th 2017

It’s another score for Berlin’s startup scene. Holoplot impressed the jury and audience enough to take home the innovation award for music ...


Proyecto en Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Arturo Grimaldi, José C. Paz, Mar 16th 2017

Vivienda unifamiliar


Kabinett @ SXSW

Daniel Kruglikov, San Antonio, Mar 14th 2017

Kabinett was selected by SXSW as one of 7 hottest Argentina-affiliated tech start ups and I was privileged to talk about the company in front of a pane ...


Optic Obscura

Cici Ogden, Essex, Mar 12th 2017

Optic Obscura is an interactive installation investigating the concepts of interface, connectivity, and abstraction. The use of fiber optic cables revo ...


Studio Smack

Keith James, New York, Mar 9th 2017

Dutch based firm, Studio Smack has created a contemporary reinterpretation of Hieronymous Bosch's famed work, "The Garden of Earthly Delights.&quo ...


Daniel Arsham in Atlanta

Keith James, New York, Mar 6th 2017

Excited to hear that Daniel Arsham has continued his practice which explores audio, architecture, and performance with "Daniel Arsham: Hourglass&q ...

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