Francesca Altamura, Ciudad de México, Apr 15th 2017

'Pontypool-txt-advert-sim' is the latest installment by Cosmos Carl - Platform Parasite, an online that hosts nothing but links provided by the artist. Reminiscent of those timeless choose-your-own-adventure books, independent curator Erik Martinson and artist Gailė Pranckūnaitė have teamed up to reveal a simulation of a text-adventure computer game from the late 70s/ early 80s. See for yourself the circumstances afforded to you at



Daniel Kruglikov, Hempstead, Apr 13th 2017

Beautiful view of Manhattan from the new building designed by Herzog de Meuron at 56 Leonard st.


Pratt Free School

Francesca Altamura, New York, Apr 8th 2017

Today, alumni from the Communications Design program at Pratt take part in a day of free alternative schooling. Thematically structured around the conc ...


Shinkansen Train

Alexis Hager, New York, Apr 7th 2017

The Japanese bullet train, or otherwise the Shinkansen high-speed train operates at 240-320 km/h or 150/200 mph. The Shinkansen train lines are the bus ...


Theorizing the Web

Francesca Altamura, New York, Apr 7th 2017

Theorizing the Web is an inter- and non- disciplinary conference including media, digital and tech theorists, artists and practitioners who critically ...


The Future of VR

Francesca Altamura, New York, Apr 6th 2017

Tonight at Google's 8th Avenue office a panel of leading innovators will discuss the future of VR technology, allowing users to immerse into surreal en ...


MVR 2.3

Francesca Altamura, New York, Apr 4th 2017

MVR 2.3 marks the ultimate tech-inspired partnership between Pioneer Works, the non-profit arts organization based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and New Inc., ...

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