KABINETT is a platform for the creative community that offers a collaborative environment for art-house enthusiasts to share and engage with a carefully curated selection of art, music, film and more.

KABINETT is a response to the information glut that art lovers and connoisseurs face when looking for cutting-edge works with their own voice and vision.

We believe it is time for a disruption to take place within the art world, which has become too elitist; it is time for a more democratic and inclusive approach for the interested public to experience culture and creativity.

At KABINETT, the work of established artists will be showcased alongside work from new and emerging artists. we are interested in work that penetrates our mind and elevates our personal connections with the culture that surrounds us all.

We cautiously approach the values that are becoming more and more prevalent in the world of social media: things that appeal to the most ego-driven and superficial aspects of society.
Selfies or food pics aren't welcome here. We are the anti-Instagram. We are the anti-Snapchat. We are KABINETT.

We invite you to view


where we introduce our program of music videos and video art.

and to use


Where users can interact with other individuals from around the globe who are sharing and discovering works and stories that touch them and make an impression on how they see the world.

Collectively, we are building a new digital hub for the arts and culture.