Massai Village , Tanzania

marit costantini, Jan 6th 2019

The massai live up to their traditions and keep their cultural heritage alive. Amazing to hear their stories and share time with them.


Sunset at Serengeti Park, Tanzania

Dante Galeazzi, Dec 30th 2018

Beautiful sunset at this amazing park in Tanzania.


Children With Disabilities

marit costantini, La UniĆ³n, Sep 16th 2018

Helping 18 children with disabilities live a better life. Program from the World Health Organization , bringing special wheelchair ...


Chaco Salteño, Argentina

marit costantini, Sep 16th 2018

Our communities , the Wichis live with no water nor electricity. My fourth visit , and it still amazes me that this happens in so ...


Film Noir Cinema

Thomas H, Long Island, Jul 2nd 2018

Now everything is done over the internet- there are hardly any stores left where one can browse through and buy classic films. Fil ...


Putin In NY

Percy B, Manhattan, Jun 18th 2018

Graffiti of a young Vladimir Putin in New York’s Lower East Side.


National Sawdust

Thomas H, Bronx County, May 28th 2018

National Sawdust in Williamsburg has established itself as the venue in New York for avant-garde music of all genres.

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