Oceana Bal Harbor

Thomas H, Jun 22nd 2019

Beautiful piece of architecture and design developed by the Argentinian real estate mogul and art collector Eduardo Costantini, featuring a Jeff Koons sculpture in the foyer of the building. “My philosophy in real estate as well as in collecting art is to have the best. In all of my projects, prime location, five-star service, innovative design and the latest technology are all a must,” said Eduardo Costantini Sr, Chairman of Consultatio Real Estate and founder of MALBA in Buenos Aires, arguably the most impressive Latin American modern art museum. He curated the all-star team of architects and interior designers for the project, including Piero Lissoni, Enzo Enea and Bernardo Fort-Brescia.


Human + Machine

Patricio Hidalgo, Feb 9th 2019

‘80s tribute An artist values Impact over Form


Self Deleting

Patricio Hidalgo, Great Britain, Feb 2nd 2019

Almost Digital Meditation at The WebLab.


Brooklyn Academy of Music

Thomas H, Long Island, Nov 4th 2018

The Howard Gilman opera house at BAM, an opulent turn-of-the-century beaux arts theater hosting concerts & other performances & ev ...


Sasha Waltz’s KREATUR

Thomas H, Nov 3rd 2018

Last night, Sasha Waltz, one of the world’s greatest choreographers of modern dance, premiered her new work KREATUR, in America. ...


Design Classics

Sascha Seifertt, Jun 25th 2018



Elon Musk on AI

Thomas H, Manhattan, Apr 9th 2018

Elon Musk made a statement today on the dangers involved with Artificial Intelligence and how computer intelligence needs to be re ...

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