AES+F achieved worldwide recognition and acclaim in the Russian Pavilion at the 52nd Biennale di Venezia in 2007, with their provocative, other-worldly Last Riot (2007); the first in a trio of large-scale, multi-channel video installations of striking originality that have come to define both the AES+F aesthetic and the cutting edge of the medium’s capacities. The second of the series, The Feast of Trimalchio (2009), appeared in Venice in 2009, and the third, Allegoria Sacra (2011), debuted at the 4th Moscow Biennale in 2011.
AES+F’s new work, entitled Psychosis, is an 18-minute long video-art piece accompanied with music by Dmitri Kourliandski, whose soundtrack centers around the work of renowned German composer Johannes Brahms. In an exclusive interview, AES+F claimed “The whole story is about women brought to the point of hysteria.” The group went on to describe the piece as being “so grotesque and macabre that it goes as far as becoming humorous.”
Without giving too much away, the piece is darkly hypnotic as it pulls the viewer deep into its riveting imagery and soundtrack.

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