Cara de Espejo

DIRECTED BY Alejo Moguillansky

Juana Molina the master of mysterious experimental pop releases a new track and video for "Cara de Espejo (Home Session)." The song is a new rendition of the track "Cara de Espejo" off Juana's acclaimed 2017 album Halo. This new version performed by Juana and her band was recorded and filmed in Juana’s home studio near Buenos Aires. Director Alejo Moguillansky’s proposal to make a one take videoclip comes along with the same sense of this experimental pop. The concept of the song (which translates as "mirror face”) relates to our relationship with ourselves and with mirrors, and is summarized by the following line: “When you know you’re about to look at yourself in the mirror, you put on the face you expect to find in the reflection.

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