DIRECTED BY Katharina Baron

The music video “Musica es Medicina”, directed by Katharina Baron showcases beautiful visuals that fully demonstrate the power of healing in music. This debut music video for Veronica Zoppolo and Gary Younes is a stunning way to kickstart their music career by recording their voices in an angelic and natural way.

LA based Katharina Baron has directed and produced award winning commercials and branded content for clients such as Mercedes, VW, Swarovski and CondéNast. Katharina has directed and written a number of short films that have been featured at Cannes, Hofer Filmfestspiele, Rome Independent Film Festival.

Veronica Zoppolo got scouted for modeling at age 15 and worked internationally in Milan, Paris and London. Settled in New York where she was based 4 years and during her last year, started studying acting at the Deena Levy Studio. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Veronica Zoppolo grew up in a musical family with both parents as singers. Currently based in Los Angeles, she’s studied voice with coach Dave Stroud, recommended by Randy Jackson. She has also taken classes for “Voice of the actor” with Susan Wilder and in New York with Colleen Gleason. Acting is another one of her passions as she loves connecting both worlds to express her creativity.

Gary Younes is a french singer-songwriter who has been passionate about creating music for years. He and Veronica discovered the song “Musica es Medicina" while on a trip through Ibiza, Spain. The song was originally created by an Ibiza local many years ago and both Gary and Veronica thought it was time for this healing song to be heard by the public.

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