Fox in the Mirror

DIRECTED BY Liliana Porter and Ana Tiscornia

Fox in the Mirror is conceived as a concert - a concert, in the literal sense (as a musical performance) and in the figurative sense (as actions occurring simultaneously).The protagonists in the work are inanimate objects: small terracotta, ceramic or plastic figurines representing dancers, singers and musicians. Some of these figurines have movement (they are wind-up toys); others, made of wax, are lit candles. Among these characters there are toy soldiers, wristwatches, a protagonist toy duck, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape in the form of a kangaroo, a pitcher shaped like a bear, a salt-shaker, a ruler, a Magritte postcard, a pair of metal bookends, a Chinese sculpture in painted gesso, a non functional wooden clock and the occasional appearance of a human hand.

The video is structured in the following segments: Preliminaries, Rehearsal, First Part, Intermission and Second Part. Music is an essential component of the work since it completes the meaning of the sequences. The first segments of the work are brief scenarios alluding to issues of time, language, love as well as death and violence. In these scenes there is often a convergence of apparently incongruent elements (comedy and tragedy, the familiar and the perplexing, the literal and the metaphorical). Ultimately, the work is about the meaning of reality and the awareness of our role as creators responsible for that meaning.

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