Marty and Jay’s Double Features

Thomas H, Film Forum, Aug 14th 2019

Starting August 16th and going to September 3rd, Film Forum in NYC is curating an extraordinary program of double features.
The great American filmmaker Martin Scorsese and his longtime screenwriter Jay Cocks came up with the double bills of their wildest dreams. Among their more unusual and curious pairings are Olivier’s Richard III with Roger Corman’s The Tomb of Ligeia; Rossellini’s Voyage to Italy with Minnelli’s The Long, Long Trailer; Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon with The Case of the Mukkinese Battle-Horn, starring Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan; Sam Wood’s Kings Row with William Cameron Menzies’ 3-D The Maze; Orson Welles’ F for Fake with Nick Ray’s Party Girl; Bergman’s Winter Light and André De Toth’s Play Dirty; Powell and Pressburger’s The Small Back Room with Rex Ingram’s 1926 silent The Magician; and 18 other combos. The series includes many rare archival 35mm prints, along with several restorations, many of them funded by Scorsese’s The Film Foundation.


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